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Ikaki Niwas
a boutique hotel in Jaipur.INDIA

An Ideal place for a traveler, looking for an authentic Indian experience.

Centrally located and traditionally decorated rooms with all modern amenities and swimming pool. Ikaki Niwas offers luxuries of a hotel blended with warmth of a family.

Come Experience it with us!


‘Ikaki’ means one and only and ‘Niwas’ means a home in Hindi. ‘‘Ikaki Niwas’’‚ means one-of-a-kind home, and it stands true to its name. Our rooms are comfortable and equipped with all amenities similar to any hotel of good caliber however our services and hospitality are our true differentiators. The owners live within the same property thereby adding to the warmth of your stay and ensuring their guests are personally attended to and taken care of. We take cleanliness and hygiene as priority and ensure daily housekeeping for all rooms. We believe in happy experiences and therefore provide complimentary services like wi-fi, ticket printing etc. Our social media sites reflect the common consensus amongst our guests which is that they feel very safe, comfortable and pampered at Ikaki Niwas, where the ambience is friendly and at ease.

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Here’s what our guests have to say -

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Jason – UK

Its not aloof, Ikaki promotes friendships and networking. I was introduced to fantastic people from Norway and now we are good friends for life.

Jason – UK

Stefano – Italy

You feel @home @ease @comfort, staff is always so pleased to customize.

Stefano – Italy

Barbara – France

The whole design and architecture is so serene and peaceful. A smooth integration of local art without cluttering. Stands OUT!

Barbara – France

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Our Wonderful Stay at Ikaki Niwas

A popular place to stop on a trip through India (especially for first-timers) is the Pink City of Jaipur. The city is home to old forts, incredible architecture with buildings painted in pink, monkey temples, and bursts of color at every turn. On our journey through Rajasthan, we knew we had to come and explore Jaipur. Read More

Ikaki Blog

The Best Cooking Show in All of Jaipur

A Cooking Demonstration at Ikaki Niwas One of the biggest appeals of India to foreign travelers is her food. Indian restaurants can be found in the largest of cities and the smallest of towns all over the world. But, while the dishes at these restaurants are certainly delicious, they’ll never be the “real thing.” For travelers Read More

Ikaki Blog

An Interview with the Owner: Ikaki Niwas’ Host JD Rathore

Some might call Ikaki Niwas a “boutique hotel.” Some might call it a “family-run” hotel. But, according to the owner JD Rathore, what Ikaki Niwas definitely can’t be called is a “box hotel” -- this place has character.

I sat down with JD to talk a little bit Read More