Indian Cooking Classes

Your journey to India can never be complete without a culinary experience with a local family. Learn about the secret home recipes and culture over an exclusive time booked with your host for lunch or dinner.

Learn about how to make a complete Indian meal with your host.

Mrs. Devika Rathore and Ms. Chandrika Rathore deliver the cooking sessions and here is what you can expect from the experience.

  • Learn about spices
  • Learn about the Indian lifestyle
  • Dine with the family
  • Learn about ingredients and techniques that are age old, time tested and good for your health.
  • Sit down dinner with your hosts
  • Enjoy a few drinks and engaging conversation
  • Participate in the preparation of the meal.
  • Recipes and samples of the organic spices used with our compliments.

Travel to India

No one helps you experience India the way Ikaki does. Write to us with your simple wish list or the duration of your stay in India and we will craft a unique plan for you. We have chosen boutique accommodations all across India and hosts that will take care of you at a personal level.

Hand picked activities and unique experiences that you will never find on tourism portals, will make your travel a memory of a lifetime. For more details please write to us on

Organic Farm

Ikaki Bagh is a farm on the outskirts of Jaipur. It is run with the objective to inspire small and marginal farmers to adopt organic farm practices, sustainability initiatives and environment conservation.

Active involvement in the overall development of the area has led the Ikaki Bagh team to facilitate better education for poor children and empowering the women of the village.The multiple projects in process can be viewed/experienced during your visit.

If you like to learn more about country living and are interested in knowing how rural India (70% of the country) functions then a visit to Ikaki Bagh is a must. It will change your perspectives on how you look at India.

For more information on Ikaki Bagh please click the link below Know more...

Experiences with Associates

Ikaki offers a range of experiences in and around Jaipur in association with selected partners. You can choose from a range of activities like

Leopard Safari in Jhalana Forest

Jaipur is home to Asiatic leopard and you now don’t need to travel to the interiors of Rajasthan to spot a leopard. A personal game drive vehicle (Suzuki Gypsy) will pick you and take you to the Jhalana reserved forest area where you will experience a 3 hours game drive with excellent chances to spot a leopard and various other animal species like fox, wild boar, deer and different types of birds.

A naturalist and a driver will accompany you and explain the biodiversity of national park.

Bicycle Tours

These tours are getting popular with each passing day as they take you through the pink city of Jaipur. It starts with a ride through the city streets as it wakes up to another busy day and a taste of the famous sweet yogurt drink (lassi) followed by morning Arti (prayers) at a famous temple.

You then continue to ride through multiple old streets of Jaipur giving you a feel of what it is to live in small Indian towns. The guides explain various spots and activities. A visual treat to see the city waking up and the multiplicity of routines and rituals.

Jaipur Sightseeing

Seeing Jaipur through Ikaki means giving yourself the gift of a new perspective on life and culture. Our itinerary spans 2 days and it takes you through those parts of Jaipur that are not covered in the regular itineraries provided by other commercial portals/agencies. It is more of an experiential sightseeing initiative and is designed and operated by historians and cultural experts.

The single passion that runs through the team is to introduce you to the essence of Jaipur not in a typical tourist style but in a storytelling format. Because of this unique approach we do not reveal the details of the itinerary online for obvious reasons, but we can assure you it’s not like anything you’ve heard or seen before. You’ll see Jaipur at her Best!

Yoga & Meditation

Ikaki Niwas Gallery