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Development projects are underway and being planned for Ikaki Bagh, the local primary school and the Jhinjha village.

Training and Education Centre

900 sq ft/85 sq.m multipurpose training hall.

The Centre will provide a focus for the teaching and better understanding of:

  • restoration ecology
  • environmental science
  • plant propagation and the identification
  • use of indigenous medicinal plants
  • small scale organic farming
  • the culture and history of the local Bairwa people, and other communities in the district

and will include:

  • a small library
  • database
  • artefacts
  • photo displays
  • a range of handicrafts locally made by women from the Jhinjha Village.

The Centre will serve as a resource for community outreach programs with the Jhinjha Village and other local communities, especially the development of micro-economic development and scholarship opportunities focused on training and career pathways for girls, and employment opportunities at Ikaki Bagh.

Primary School

Improved Sanitation System

Funding is wanted to provide:

  • a purpose built, walled and roofed facility
  • separate squat toilets with flushing for boys and girls
  • a composting or bio-sanitation system, or at minimum an underground pit latrine with slab (funding dependent)
  • clean water for hand-washing
  • sanitary napkin incinerator
  • public hygiene education materials

This replacement facility will:

  • reduce school absenteeism from hygiene related sickness
  • reduce open field defecation
  • remove a source of flies and mosquitoes
  • provide girls with the confidence to attend school, especially during their monthly menstruation cycles
  • help discard sanitary napkins in an environmentally friendly way
  • support a cleaner environment
  • provide a model facility that can be built at neighbouring schools and villages

School Furniture and Equipment

The local school is a building made up of a series of brick and concrete class rooms without heating or cooling. Children sit on the floor or in the open schoolyard under the trees for their lessons.

Adding basic tables and chairs to the school will improve the children’s comfort and concentration to engage with their lessons.

Installing in each school classroom:

  • desks with bench seating
  • lockable bookshelves
  • a large pin-board


  • improve the health and conditions for the schoolkids who currently sit on the floor, especially in Winter
  • improve concentration and learning conditions
  • provide teachers with direct access to books and other learning resources
  • enable teachers and students to put up notices, posters and other education information of importance

Jhinjha Village

Sanitation Bio-gas plant

Constructing an affordable, certified sanitation bio-gas plant is a high priority for the local Jhinjha Village.

This will:

  • alleviate the current poor sanitation and hygiene conditions of the village
  • provide a source of sustainable energy, especially for cooking
  • serve as a model for neighbouring villages to emulate

The project is ambitious, necessary and ground breaking.

Funding support is being sought for Stage 1 of the project, which is to build the secure network of drains to link to the proposed site for the bio-sanitation system. This work will also provide local employment for the villagers.