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Ikaki Bagh offers unique opportunities for visitors interested in supporting the project’s social enterprise objectives.

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Tourists looking for a visitor experience beyond the major attractions of India can enjoy a visit in an organised tour for two or more people, or with larger groups to experience Ikaki Bagh, the Jhinjha Village and the local primary school.

Working Visit

Working at Ikaki Bagh in exchange for food and accommodation, in a safe environment, as part of the World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program. This option also includes the opportunity to stay at Ikaki Niwas.


We welcome people with relevant skills and experience to provide expert advice to support the practical development of projects at Ikaki Bagh. We are looking for dedicated individuals and teams to contribute to:

  • building organic farming practices steadily and sustainably
  • maximising the use of renewable energy resources
  • enhancing natural biological cycles in farming systems
  • conserving energy, soil and water
  • maintaining or improving fertility of soils
  • recognising livestock welfare needs
  • enhancing environmental quality and ecological restoration


We welcome regular or one-off donations to support our ongoing development projects. Priority projects are:

  • expanded solar power including battery solutions
  • bio-gas plants for cooking
  • bio-sanitation systems
  • a glasshouse for plant propagation and experimentation
  • an education and training facility to support community outreach programs
  • water harvesting and recycling of used water systems
  • innovative construction solutions for tourist accommodation on site at Ikaki Bagh.


Your support can start with a visit

The project provides opportunities for the local village people, and a nearby primary school, to alleviate social disadvantage with a special focus on empowering girls and women.