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Welcome to the Ikaki Bagh blog. We’ll be featuring news articles, guest stories, and information relating to the project.

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Volunteering at Ikaki Bagh

Volunteering at Ikaki Bagh There are lots of reasons people like volunteer work overseas. A 25 strong volunteer from the US based Color My World achieved great results at the local Primary School earlier this year. Ikaki Bagh offers a variety of volunteer placements...

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Working With our Local School

Key pointsA key part of the Ikaki Bagh organic farm model is a working, sustainable relationship with the local school and villageThe local school is the ‘Government Upper Primary Middle School, Jhinjha’. Its development is essential to the...

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Marwari Horses

Meet Noori, Titly and Toofan - the pride of Ikaki BaghThe Marwari Horse is distinctive to the culture and history of Rajasthan.Three Marwari horses live at Ikaki Bagh. They are beautiful symbols of the goals of the farm and the larger commitment...

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An Update on Ikaki Bagh

5 years ago, Jaideo Rathore developed a dream to convert his small, traditional farm to a model organic farm. The popularity of organic produce is growing rapidly in India. Converting local farms to organic could alleviate severe social disadvantage in...

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Growing Mustard at Ikaki Bagh

This article discusses: Mustard is one of the most important cash crops grown in India and is the country’s largest producer. Ikaki Bagh grows mustard as part of its conversion to a model organic farm. Local harvesting, production of...

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Making a charpoy

The charpoy bed is a traditional daybed. It is a common sight throughout India, particularly in rural areas. Making a charpoy requires exceptional skills in traditional rope weaving and carpentry. These skills are under threat in the face of the...

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Vishal the Honey Collector

Vishal the Honey Collector This article discusses: Traditional honey collecting is unsustainable Honey is often used in religious ceremonies Beekeeping can alleviate rural poverty Beekeeping is transitioning away from traditional honey collecting practices...

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Goats of Rajasthan

This article discusses: Why goats are so important to rural communities in Rajasthan Interesting new research on the potential to apply the intelligence of goats How you can spend time with local goat herdsmen and their flocks during your visit...

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High Summer at Ikaki Bagh

This article discusses: The conditions of high summer in the district around Ikaki Bagh Work typically done during this period by villagers Work being undertaken at Ikaki Bagh High Summer It’s 4 am and the sun begins to rise, burning in to the...

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